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High-performance facial beauty device for “perfect” skin

The conditions for beauty are plump skin density and a firm face line. The 40°C/5°C world (functions) masters all of them and leads to flawless skin with no imperfections.

MFIP (medium frequency intermittent pulse)
By alternately outputting ultra pulses intermittently, we have achieved the comfortable sensation of being hit with shiatsu. We can expect improvements in the effects of introduction, RF, and EMS.

By applying special painless electrical pulses, it replenishes the beauty ingredients applied to your skin, keeping your skin conditioned and healthy.

By using a 4-pole element, the alternating current acts in a scrambling manner. Muscle movement (secondary effect) occurs when a weak electric current acts on the muscles, and you can feel the firmness and elasticity of your skin increase.

LED (light energy)
All LED / For those who have multiple problems Red LED / 620nm (±10nm) For those who feel tired skin due to age. Green LED / 530nm (±10nm) For those who experience skin stress or uneven skin tone. Blue LED / 415nm (±10nm) For those who experience acne and skin problems. Flashing LED When used as a finishing touch for treatment, it supports the penetration of serum.

It instantly warms up to about 40℃, relaxing your skin and opening your pores. It thoroughly removes dirt that cannot be removed with regular cleansing, leading to skin that is easily replenished with essence.

Electrofreeze instantly cools down to approximately 5℃. The charm of the ultra-pulsed essence, which does not make pores noticeable, firmly locks in the moisturizing ingredients. Experience the moisturized skin of a different person than you were 10 minutes ago.


Q.Please tell me how to use it.

A. Below is the YouTube video link. You can check the video explaining how to use it here.

Q.Are there any people who cannot use it? A. Do not use the product in conjunction with medical electronic devices such as those listed below, as this may cause malfunction. 1) Implantable medical electronic devices such as pacemakers 2) Life support electronic devices such as heart-lung machines 3) Wearable medical electronic devices such as electrocardiographs Avoid use on the following people or areas: please.

  • If you have a fever, sudden illness, infectious disease, heart disease, etc. or have abnormal blood pressure.
  • People with skin abnormalities such as skin diseases
  • Those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or on their period
  • People with malignant tumors
  • People who have difficulty using beauty equipment due to allergies (atopic dermatitis, etc.)
  • Areas that have undergone plastic surgery or have metal, plastic, or silicone implants
  • People with hemophilia or illnesses associated with bleeding disorders
  • People with facial melasma and areas with pathological spots, moles, and warts
  • Areas that are sunburned
  • People with photosensitivity, areas that are inflamed due to the use of steroid hormones or cosmetics (if you are going to the hospital, please consult your doctor before use)
  • Please avoid use on children under 12 years of age.

Q.What functions does it have?

A. Hot mode Cool mode MFIPEMS insert pulse (a type of electroporation) Red LED Blue LED Green LED

Q.How long is the warranty period?

A.The warranty period is one year from the date of purchase. In addition to ensuring quality, we have a thorough control system for the manufacturing process and inspection before shipping, but in the unlikely event that a defect occurs, please rest assured that we will take immediate action. (Items without a serial number and warranty are not eligible.)

Q.If something breaks down, how do I request repair?

A.1. If the product is purchased within one year, we will repair it free of charge. Please use the link below to fill out the repair request form and send it to us along with the repair item and warranty card. Please send it to us by cash on delivery.

2. If the warranty period has exceeded one year, the customer will be responsible for shipping charges and should send the product back to us prepaid. Except for some special cases, we will charge a flat rate of 4,200 yen (tax included), including repair and inspection costs, shipping costs for returning the product from our company, and cash-on-delivery fees. Breakdown of repairs due to failure: inspection, adapter replacement, element replacement, front cover replacement, head cover replacement, maintenance and cleaning, etc. If the customer cancels the repair partway through due to personal reasons, we will charge a return shipping fee of 1,100 yen (tax included) for the repaired product. As for the payment method, only Yamato Courier's cash on delivery service can be used. Please have cash ready and pay directly to the Yamato Transport driver. Please use the link below to fill out the repair request form and send it to us along with the repair item and warranty card. Please send it to us prepaid. Repair request form download