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CLiONE spa

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<Accessories>・AC adapter・USB cable・Instruction manual Warranty card New generation brush Shiny hair beauty habits

Easy to wash! Easy to comb! Easy to grow!

Brush shape that matches the scalp The shape follows the roundness of the head, so it adheres more closely to the head.

Two-stage pins thoroughly remove scalp dirt <br>We use soft pins to avoid damaging the delicate skin and scalp. The rounded tip and two-stage pin allow it to penetrate into the pores of the scalp and remove dirt from the scalp.

Unique comb structure <br>The unique arrangement of pins scoops up the hair, making it easy to style and add fluff and volume.

Waterproof construction for safe bath time
With IPX6 waterproof function, you can easily use it in the bath. You can take care of your scalp while shampooing.

• Blue LED: 430nm (±10nm)
• Red LED: 630nm (±10nm)

Others • Rechargeable with C-type cable • 10-minute auto-off function so you don't have to worry about forgetting to turn off the power

How to use
1. Brushing <br>Brush lightly before shampooing.

2. Rinse and wash <br>Rinse thoroughly after brushing.

3. Shampoo lightly with your hands <br>Shampoo your hair with your hands so that the shampoo is distributed throughout your hair.

4. Shampoo with a brush <br>Apply the brush firmly so that the pins are in close contact with the scalp. Brush from the hairline on the top, from the sides of the ears on the sides, and from the nape on the back toward the top of the head. Brushing with small movements increases the effect and refreshment.

5. Treatment with a brush <br>Apply the treatment agent to the ends of your hair and spread it with a brush. Spread the treatment agent evenly to the tips of your hair.

6. Styling <br>The unique arrangement of pins scoops up the hair, making it easy to style and adding volume.


Q.Are there any people who should not use it?

A. Do not use this product if any of the following items (symptoms) apply to you.

  • Those who have hair thickened on their scalp
  • Those receiving treatment related to the head
  • People with a history of epilepsy and people who feel sick due to strong light

Q.How long is the warranty period?

A.The warranty period is one year from the date of purchase. In addition to ensuring quality, we have a thorough control system for the manufacturing process and inspection before shipping, but in the unlikely event that a defect occurs, please rest assured that we will take immediate action. (Items without a serial number and warranty are not eligible.)

    CLiONE spa
    CLiONE spa
    CLiONE spa
    CLiONE spa